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"bee bee kidz" Fun and Festive creations for every occasion

"bee bee kidz" Fun and Festive creations for every occasion

"bee bee kidz" Fun and Festive creations for every occasion"bee bee kidz" Fun and Festive creations for every occasion"bee bee kidz" Fun and Festive creations for every occasion

 Face painting and balloon twisting in Raleigh and surrounding areas

Why hire us

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Big Name Companies Call Us!



-2 services for a reasonable price with one of our awesome artists!

-1 free, large, beautiful balloon centerpiece!*

-Professional, beautiful face paint designs, FDA safe paint, medical grade glue and cosmetic grade glitter. 



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Our Services

Face Painting


Face painting is for kids of all ages as well as for adults  Our priority is to make sure that every child (or adult if required) has the opportunity to get painted but we do not limit ourselves to the "small cheek design". We bring many pictures for them to choose and we include full detailed face designs. Our paint, glitter and glue are 100% hypoallergenic. Feel confident that your guest's skin will be safe!.

Balloon Art


Bring some magic and create a blissful moment in the hearts of your guests with balloons! Make the atmosphere colorful and happy.

Great for:

Birthdays-for big and small!


Grand openings

Customer appreciation

School events

And more!

Glitter Tattoos


 This AWESOME service can be included when you hire us for 2 hours or more of Face Painting. Taking care of every guest will depend on time vs number of kids.

Great for events or parties where not only kids are invited! Is a great success with Moms and Teens. Think of Glitter Tattoos when you have a pool party! 

We DO NOT.-EVER- use crafts glitter for any of our paint or tattoos. Only high grade cosmetic!

Balloon Twisting

Balloon twisting Raleigh, balloon animals,balloon twister,balloon twisting, face painting,NC


Another of our services and specialties is Balloon Twisting. And just as with Face Painting, the complexity of the shape will depend on the number of kidZ and hours hired. But there is nothing to worry about. All of our balloons shapes are cool and the little ones will love them!.  A fantastic accompaniment to Face Painting!


Jewel & Glitter Glam + Glitter Roots

Face painting in Raleigh jewels face painting jewel glam

Super popular with Preteens, Teens and Adults!

There is no such thing as too much Bling!!

Bright and beautiful Gems and Glitter will adorn your face and your hair roots!. 

Your guests will feel like getting a Royal treatment! 

This Service is included when there is no face painting. Works great for all girls party ages 5 to 105!

Perfect on a summer day or a bachelorette night!

Water resistant face paint

water resistant face painting in Raleigh
water proof face painting 
pool parties face paint

Hot sweaty day, water slide or pool party? 

This is what you need!

-Water resistant face paint designs-

  • Heat, sweat, water resistant
  • Won’t smudge or smear
  • Holds up all day
  • Easily removed with soap & water
  • Consistently beautiful art
  • Does not stain the skin.

As Jewel & Glitter Glam, this is another of our Special Services. Extra fees apply.

UV Face and body paint

uv face and body pain
glow in the dark face paint in Raleigh

MHaving a Neon party, Night club event,

 glow night?

Great for corporate events, Sweet 16, skating parties, trampoline park parties where black light is on!. Surprise your guests by offering this service. Your event will be  a total success! Many kids party places offer black light. Check it out! Pair it with balloon twisting or glitter tattoos for a bigger experience. (psst..second service included in price :)

Fairy Tinsel Hair

Hair tinsel in Raleigh
Hair artist
Fairy hair
Glitter hair
hair tinsel

 Hair tinsel is a thin, glitter thread that is temporarily tied into your hair to provide shimmer and a reflective effect.

Great for Sporting events, cheerleading, school dances, holidays, and parties. If you need a reason to celebrate - make one up! 

How we dress up...

 We all love clowns!  well.. almost everybody does.. If you saw those horror movies.. maybe you don't.  In the past, we had a few experiences where kids would not even try to get close to us. Sad but true. Not everybody is excited about the clown costume but we came up with our own version of fun attire for certain occasions that require that kind of twist.

If is a Christmas event, we will use our ugly sweaters, color related tutus, or even dress up with pjs and elf hats. 

For Easter we use our tail and ears, and so... We will always try to match your event,  at least with the colors on normal clothes, some face paint and glitter or a colorful apron, silly headbands, cool shirts, colorful tutus, princess tiaras and more. 

No need to pay extra. Just let us know what your theme is and we will find the right thing to wear.  


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