Face Painting

 Face painting is for kids of all ages as well as for adults  Our priority is to make sure that every child (or adult if required) has the opportunity to get painted but we do not limit ourselves to the "small cheek design". We bring many pictures for them to choose and we include full detailed face designs. Our paint, glitter and glue are 100% hypoallergenic. Feel confident that your guest's skin will be safe!. 

  We use ONLY high quality hypoallergenic glitter and face paint. They are FDA approved, non toxic professional paints and cosmetic grade glitter. Some of the brands we use are TAG, FAB, Kryvaline, Wolfe.

Our new addition to Face Painting is our very own hand made jewels!!!

We will give your guests the Royal Treatment with Princesses jewels, Unicorn horns, 

crown jewels,mermaid stars and more.

No need to pay extra!. Included with the designs our artists bring to your event. 

-Price per hour per artist-

Look at examples below👇

Water resistant paint

 Hot sweaty day, water slide or pool party? This is what you need!-Water resistant face paint designs-

  • Heat, sweat, water resistant
  • Won’t smudge or smear
  • Holds up all day
  • Easily removed with soap & water
  • Consistently beautiful art
  • Does not stain the skin.

-Price per hour per artist- 

Neon face painting

Black light/UV light


Having a Neon party, Night club event,

glow night?

Great for corporate events, Sweet 16, skating parties, trampoline park parties where black light is on!. Surprise your guests by offering this service. Your event will be  a total success!

-Price per hour per artist-

fairy tinsel hair

Additional Information

 Even Celebrities and Brides to be have used them for an extra bling!

Q. How long does hair tinsel stay in for?
A. With normal wear and tear, hair tinsel will usually stay in your hair between 1 day to 2 weeks. There are many factors which can allow tinsel to stay in longer or come out quicker. Be sure to use care when brushing and washing your hair not to tug on the tinsel.

Q. Can I use my curling iron with tinsel in my hair?
A. No. Avoid direct exposure to your flat iron, curling iron, or hair dryer. The tinsel may curl if stretched. Just separate the tinsel and dry /Iron your hair as normal. 

Q. Do the colors bleach or fade when washing my hair?
A. No, they will not. Our Glitter thread (which is what hair tinsel is) is made from polyester and will no bleed or fade with mold soaps, such as shampoo.