No matter how long you hire us for (1 hour minimum), you will always get up to 2 services included in the price we give you.  If time vs amount of kids/grown ups(Moms love the bling! and dads love to be super heroes!)needing the service allows it.

So you can choose from:

-Face painting: Everyone's favorite. 

-Balloon Twisting: Great for big and small events.

-Glitter tattoos: boy designs and girl designs available.

-Fairy Hair Tinsels:  1 to 4 strands per person depending on time.

-Face Jewels: Jewels and chunky glitter applied to face.

-Glitter Roots: Generous amount of chunky glitter mix applied to hair roots. 

YOU MAKE YOUR OWN PACKAGE. We charge per hour, not per person and not per service.

*We do not discount if you only want one service. We are adding one more service as a plus.

-------AND.........: This month if you hire us for 2 hours or more and you give us a like on Facebook you get a FREE balloon centerpiece. Visit our policies for more info.


Our price: We need to know how far we have to travel so please fill out our contact form and give us all of your awesome event details.

 Send it any time. We will reply fast.

More info about the FREE balloon centerpiece here.


We all love clowns!  well.. almost everybody does.. If you saw those horror movies.. maybe you don't.  In the past, we had a few experiences where kids would not even try to get close to us. Sad but true. Not everybody is excited about the clown costume but we came up with our own version of fun attire for certain occasions that require that kind of twist.

If is a Christmas event, we will use our ugly sweaters, color related tutus, or even dress up with pjs and elf hats. 

For Easter we use our tail and ears, and so... We will always try to match your event,  at least with the colors on normal clothes, some face paint and glitter or a colorful apron, silly headbands, cool shirts, colorful tutus, princess tiaras and more. 

No need to pay extra. Just let us know what your theme is and we will find the right thing to wear.